Journey Updates

Connecting to the good life

I recently viewed an illuminating study that speaks to the ethos of what I naively set out to prove with my 200km challenge: the age old wisdom that good relationships are the key to health and happiness. In the following video Robert Waldinger talks about the longest running study on human happiness know as the […]

The Beauty of Life

As yet another full moon illuminates the sky I reflect in awe at the happenings of my day. I was so fortunate to have an old friend come and visit recently and spent the previous night surrounded by good food, good wine and great people. All this reminded me of one of my favorite quotes […]

A Peek at Kiwi Pinot

A rainbow graces the sky as Aurum vineyard is protected from birds by a massive net. For a change of pace, we’re posting a travel note from our assistant winemaker Candace Battig.  It’s hard to believe that just as our vines prepare to bud, the Kiwis will be just finishing their harvest. “Summer 2016 has…

The Universal Uniqueness of the Market

In the the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of staying in three different countries. In each country the market has served as a starting point for catching up with friends new and old. I think there’s nothing more special and important than sharing a meal. Food as something we put into our bodies […]

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice: the shortest day and longest night of the year. The solstice has long held significance in the annual cycle of many cultures. Astronomically signifying a reversal of the suns ebbing presence in the sky and traditionally signifying the start of a long winter ahead. There are many mythologies and traditions linked to […]


New Moon (n): The moment when the Moon and the Sun have the same ecliptical longitude. I have been neglectful of posting in this space but assure you I have been hard at work in my garden and at the vineyard. In an endeavor to make up for this absence I have decided to make […]

Starting a Vineyard in Prince Edward County in 13.5 Easy Steps

1) Have a dream and the commitment to make it happen 2) Either have a big budget or a long time frame in mind.  It will cost $20,000 per acre just to set up the vineyard, $6,000 per acre each year to maintain (assuming you do most of the work), and it won’t produce any…