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The Beauty of Life

As yet another full moon illuminates the sky I reflect in awe at the happenings of my day. I was so fortunate to have an old friend come and visit recently and spent the previous night surrounded by good food, good wine and great people. All this reminded me of one of my favorite quotes from Nancy Carmody, “I am thankful for the mess after a party because it means I’ve been surrounded by friends.” This quote I feel epitomizes an important priority in life: that you always be in good company.

Which brings me to today, I was manning the Broken Stone tasting bar. All day if felt as though I were reconnecting with old friends. Many couples came through that had dinned with me at East and Main and those who hadn’t, connected with me on a science and math level. One group in particular came in and had a lovely chat with me about the makings of beer and wine. The man was wearing a T shirt with the periodic elements Beryillium and Erbium spelling out Be Er. I complimented him on his witty shirt and found out that he was a chemist. I had been periodically (no pun intended) working on my analytical chem homework and a question discussing normality vs. molarity has been stumping me so I asked him what the difference between molarity and normality was. To my amusement he himself turned to his wife to ask what the difference between the two was. It took us only a few minutes of conversing to remember the difference and determine the correct answer but had they not shown up I’m sure I would of frustrated myself with my incomprehension of such a simple question.

Every time I’m at the winery I cant help but leave with a feeling that I’ve accomplished something. Meeting so many different people and having the pleasure to glimpse into their lives for the moments they spend sipping wine at the tasting bar I can’t imagine any better place to be. In closing I like to think of this post as an ode to the simple pleasures in life and the enjoyment of each others company.

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