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The Universal Uniqueness of the Market

In the the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of staying in three different countries. In each country the market has served as a starting point for catching up with friends new and old.

I think there’s nothing more special and important than sharing a meal. Food as something we put into our bodies is a very personal experience. To share in this experience with other people is bonding. Think of how you catch up with old friends or even meet new ones, I bet often it’s over food.

The market is the perfect starting point for creating a meal. I love observing and engaging in the etiquette of the market. The people and the products are all unique but the atmosphere and connection is universal.

In February I was in Vancouver where a friend introduced me to the Granville market. A permanent island market just off set from the centre of Vancouver. It was bustling with activity and energy. Filled with fresh seafood, cheeses and a wide array of produce. We enjoyed local oysters and fresh seafood on the wharf, and we both left with a unique piece of pottery made by a potter from Salt Spring Island.

By March I was in New Zealand attending one of the famous Saturday Nelson markets. March is fall in the southern hemisphere and that means harvest season. The smell of fresh produce and home baked goods filled the air. This market I had the pleasure of experiencing with a new friend, a fellow traveller. We bonded over our love of good food as we perused the market collecting ingredients for a meal we would prepare and share later on in our hostel kitchen.

Last but not least, April has allowed me to catch up with friends in Australia. I was treated to a visit to the Victoria Market which supplied us with everything we needed for a Botanical Garden picnic. The Victoria Market was especially delightful due to its size and the variety of goodies available. There were permanent installments of bakers, butchers, and cheese producers among others inside. While farmers, artisans and vendors set up shop in the transient outside area. Now this was a market you could really lose yourself in for a day.

Each market was unique in its own right but all had the same universal result of bringing friends together and serving as a base from which our stories could unfold.

So why not enjoy a market with friends this weekend? I know I will.

Happy perusing!


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