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Starting a Vineyard in Prince Edward County in 13.5 Easy Steps

Check out Tim’s guide to starting a vineyard and sign up to follow Broken Stone’s Blog and the story of their vineyard dream.

1) Have a dream and the commitment to make it happen

2) Either have a big budget or a long time frame in mind.  It will cost $20,000 per acre just to set up the vineyard, $6,000 per acre each year to maintain (assuming you do most of the work), and it won’t produce any grapes for four years.

3) Find a good site.  Check the weather maps.  Acquire or lease some land.  Make sure it’s well drained.  Grapes like to have their feet dry.  Some would say that a moderate South-East slope is best.

4) Decide on which varieties of grapes to plant.  One of the biggest decisions affecting cost, effort and chances of success is, Hybrid or Vinifera?  Hybrids are easier to grow for a number of reasons, including better suitability to our climate and disease resistance, so if you are keen on organic farming or biodynamics, hybrids…

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