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Simple Serendipidy

Everyday I’m inspired by my surroundings. Whether it be the company of the people or the nature that surrounds me I often find myself feeling truly grateful to have so many positive influences.

County terroir, what is it you might ask? Well to me it’s the couple that tastes and leaves with a bottle of PinotX2 only to come back 10 minutes later for two more bottles because they simply could not part with just one. It’s the couple visiting from Coburg who come to East and Main for a mocktail and nice meal only to return the next night because they enjoyed themselves so much and that virgin daqiuri was the best they’d ever had! Their stories are endless and they’ve all come to share in the experience of the County and depart with a little piece of their own County terrior. Whether it be in a bottle of wine, the memory of an unforgettable meal or a lovely piece of local art everything’s better when it’s made with care by people who care and that is something the County can be proud to do well.

Lately I’ve been helping myself to the all you can eat salad bar that my garden been providing. The taste of a fresh picked garden salad is almost indescribable. The kale is so crisp it’s hard not to eat it as you pick it from the garden and the beauty and peppery spice of a pumpkin orange nasturtium flower makes any salad as beautiful to the eye as it is to the tongue. My radishes look like ripe apples right now and I have trouble keeping up with them as they ripen. I wish I could think of something more creative than simply dicing them and throwing them into salads but perhaps I’ll think of something creative for next years crop.

In celestial news, if you didn’t notice the silvery blanket that was cast over your path last night look up tonight to gaze upon the supermoon. It is a supermoon because this is the closest the moon will be to the Earth this year so gaze away and enjoy the celestial wonder!

Sat Nam

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