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A Blank Canvas Painted Anew


As I stand in the sunshine if a sincere and earnest optimism, my imagination paints yet more glorious triumphs on the cloud-curtain of the future. – Helen Keller

Every morning is like a blank canvas yet to be painted. First the bullfrogs and song birds paint the air with their music then the sun peaks over the horizon spreading it’s light as the back drop for the performance that is about to unfold. Lately turtles have been the stars of each days performance in the County as they search for the perfect spot to lay their eggs.


My first encounter was last week when a snapping turtle turned up both my vegetable gardens before deciding they did not make good nests and moved on to a more suitable location. I also helped a red eared slider across the road on my way to the vineyard Thursday. Yesterday however a snapping turtle decided our graveled front walk was the perfect spot for it’s nest. I watched it dig the hole with it’s hind feet, lay it’s eggs, and then bury them so that if you hadn’t seen it you would never know what was hiding underneath that patch of gravely soil. We’ve put a marker over top and I really hope they survive. Turtle eggs make unfortunately great snacks for raccoon and other animals that have great sense of smell and seem to be able to find even the most hidden nest but I’m hopeful for these little turtles.


The red eared slider I helped across the road. Remember always take them in the direction they are pointed!

But back to my poor unfortunate garden. Here is a picture of the turtle and the aftermath from it’s excursion through my garden:

20140612_091921 20140612_111746 20140612_111750 20140612_111758 20140612_111807 20140612_111817


Needless to say I was a little defeated but I decided to take it in stride and see it as a chance to start again with a modified blank canvas. I salvaged what I could of the plants removed the weeds and headed to the nursery to pick up a few hardy seedlings and voila my blank garden canvas was once again full!


My nasturtiums that I started from seed survived the garden overhaul.


My gardens re-tilled and ready for a second planting


Habanero pepper seedlings


Tomatillo, celery, and leek seedlings


Brussel sprouts and tomatoes


Radishes starting to sprout!


Lemon balm, red rose, lavendar, parsley, green and purple basil, and rhubarb


So here’s to the wonder that each new opportunity brings whether it be a new moon, a new day, or a new garden.



A cercopia moth hatched out of it’s cocoon last week. Such a beautiful creature it only lives for a few days in this stage. Just long enough to find a mate and lay it’s eggs.


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