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Thursday Thoughts – A New Moon Perspective

‘Greater public confusion about diet and health – is not insignificant and should concern all of us.’ – Marion Nestle


I recently finished reading Food Politics. In short Food Politics is just that, the politics of food. A quote from Dr. Joan Gussow that especially caught my attention, “.. if we view foods simply as containers of nutrients or curative substances, we encourage manufactures to think of more ways to invent more new products to meet some perceived health need.” She argues that foods should be appreciated for their richness and complexity of their taste and cultural context, as well as for nutritional aspects,“eating healthfully is neither complicated, nor time-consuming, nor punishing. And we don’t need any more new products to do it.”

This brings me to the Slow Food movement. A movement aimed at quality food often expressed in terms of its easiest avenue: local producers. Now this is not to be taken as an ideological or anti-globalization movement but rather a reminder of the pleasure of food and the enjoyment we receive by experiencing it through our senses. It’s a reconnection between our values and actions when it comes to food. It’s about looking past the advertisements and listening to our bodies when deciding for ourselves what we enjoy eating.

Look at it from this perspective: 72 hours without nourishment (food and water) and you’re dead. Politics and clever advertisements might be able to influence a lot of things but they can’t change that.

So local or not-local, eat what you love and love what you eat. Savor it, enjoy it and be grateful for it because without it you cease to exist – literally.

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