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Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the longest day of the year1, doesn’t that just make you want to get outside?

This morning I had the most wonderful conversation with a farmer from Montreal named Howard.  He is one of the many farmers that make up Les jardins du Roulant.  He told me all about this wonderful program that he’s involved in called Santropol Roulant2.  It’s kind of like a meals on wheels.  The premise of the organization is to use food as a vehicle to break isolation and build bridges between individuals and generations. This community organization is volunteer based and consists mostly of younger persons.  This service prepares and delivers up to 100 dinners each day, five days a week. Most of the meals are delivered on foot or by bicycle to the homes of seniors and people living with a loss of autonomy.  Super awesome, right?  I know!

Then at lunch time rolled around and Margaret, one of the most awesome COG OSO volunteers (They’re all so great it’s hard to choose but Margaret is just wonderful none-the-less!) arrived with herbs and flowers for our office! It’s so wonderful to have plants inside the office, I feel a little bit better about being stuck indoors all day (although I know the work I do is very important in that it makes sure we still have an outdoors to escape to!)

Windowsill garden


Sigh… I love Friday’s like this.  They’re just so uplifting, the perfect start to the weekend!


  1. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/06/130621-summer-solstice-2013-longest-day-sun-earth-space-science/
  2. http://santropolroulant.org

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