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Silver Linings

“Remember, all the magic of creation exists within a single tiny seed.” – Fern Gully

It has been very dreary outside as of late; rain has taken over so many days I’ve lost count.  But every cloud has a silver lining and this clouds silver lining is the new growth that has sprouted in gardens and farmers’ fields as a result.  So I suppose what may be leaving me craving vitamin D is securing the harvest that will sustain me through this winter.

It’s funny how easily we take the food we eat for granted.  I’ve always felt I was aware and conscious of the weather but I was never concerned about a late frost in early spring beyond the effect it would have on my ability to wear skirts.  Never once did I think that a late frost would make or break a crop that relied on the survival of it’s delicate spring flowers.  The threat of frost would decimate the lovely apple blossoms and delicate grape vines.

In an effort to save these delicate blossoms from the wacky temperature highs and lows earlier this spring vinedressers (the official name of a person who tends to grape vines) lit fires to save their precious buds; I’m sure the orchards relied on the same practices.  I was once told that it’s worth it for a farmer to spend up to $10,000 in an effort to save the blossoms on a $200,000 crop.  When you put it that way it makes sense.  I guess not even technology has found a way to conquer Mother Nature when it comes to Jack Frost.  I’m happy to say that the grapes survived thanks to the attentive vinedressers who kept watch and with the luck of a good summer the grapes will grow to be rich and ripe for the harvest come fall.

I’m not sure what I would do without my favorite drink.  The heat of last summer already made my usual favorite Pinot Noir from Harwood too light for my palate.  You see the drought caused most plants to go into survival mode which means that more energy goes into maintaining the vital functions of the plants day to day life and less into the production of sugars to nourish potential offspring (aka the grapes).

Plants never cease to amaze me.  Luck for me, the wonderment that comes from tending to what I have now lovingly dubbed, the flavor jungle on my windowsill has helped me get through the dreary gray skies thus far.  I would however love some sun.  So here’s to hoping for sunshine to compliment tonight’s new moon.

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