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Urban Gardening

An Evening of outdoor gardening was the kick in the butt I needed to get me back on track with my writing.  I apologize for my long hiatus – I missed the first quarter moon and the gorgeous full moon that just passed but I made it back in time for the last quarter moon.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon

Since we last spoke in this virtual space my window sill has come alive with life (lovage, sage, wide leaf Italian parsley, dark purple Opal basil, rosemary, thyme, chives, hot and spicy oregano, Tiny Tim tomatoes, arugula, and lettuce).  My first chore every morning is to get up and make sure they have enough water.  I feel like a proud parent looking over them and watching them grow (especially the ones that came from seed!).  It’s so rewarding to grow your own vegetables – even if they are just herbs.  I love being able to add fresh flavor to my salads and meals.


My Urban Window Sill Garden

This evening I had the privilege of gardening with my neighbor, France.  We are experimenting with her front garden and putting in a veggie patch.  Today we went and got all the manure, compost, and peat to enrich the soil.  We also picked up a few vegetables (we decided to plant beans, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes) to put in the plot and some herbs (dill, cilantro, and mint) that she will put in pots on her balcony.


France and the plot post nutrient loading

I love gardening and I like it even more when you get to do it with friends.  This project with France is especially interesting because we are doing it in her front yard.  There’s something about gardening that is inviting and allows the usually silent city pedestrian to break their silence and greet their neighbours.  Not even five minutes in a little girl stopped with her mom to observe us as we tilled the soil and removed the flowers.  Every passerby greeted us and a few stopped to chat.  A lady from around the corner stopped to chat and ended up taking some of the Echinacea that we were hoping to send to a good home.  She was intrigued by the project and said that she looked forward to seeing the progress as this was on her regular dog walking route.

There’s something about fresh new growth that’s exciting!  I feel renewed and revived.  Expect a recap of the local wine festival, Terroir that I attended this past weekend to follow on the tails of this post.


Mallory and I – Terroir 2013


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