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Simple Sunday Soup

Mother Nature does not seem to be able to make up her mind.  We have gone from the beginnings of spring to a winter wonderland and back, all in the span of a week.  It’s the wind this evening that has caught my particular attention. It has that bite again, the kind that makes you want to curl up and escape this world by immersing yourself into a good book.

The chance to dive into fiction is welcome nourishment for my brain that has been overloaded with reports and statistics as of late. However, my stomach, feeling neglected is now voicing its concern.  Good thing my book has put my imagination in full swing. I welcome the challenge to open my fridge and imagine what wonderful flavours I might combine to satisfy my stomach.

I’m craving something comforting and simple.  Yet warm and rich in flavor. After a quick survey of my options, it’s decided. I am making soup, onion soup, using only three ingredients.


To make this simple soup you will need:

  • One Tbsp Butter
  • Three Onions
  • Four Cups of Water

First melt the butter in the pan on medium-high heat. Once the butter it bubbling add one onion, diced. Caramelize the onion stirring once or twice until it is nicely browned and has a sweet smell to it.

Turn the stove down to medium heat. Add the second Onion, diced, with one cup of water. The water should lift any of the brown bits off the bottom and help start the broth. Let it simmer until the second onion it translucent.

Now, add the third onion, diced, with the remaining water. Cover and let simmer on medium heat for one hour stirring occasionally.


Voila! Simple Sunday Soup.

Now you will have to excuse me while I savor my soup and immerse myself once more into my book.

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